Douwe & Egbert

Douwe & Egbert: happy friends

Douwe and Egbert are close friends, although nobody really knows how and when they met each other. 

Douwe is an expert coffee maker and Egbert, or actually his nose, is more or less addicted to the scent of fresh coffee. Douwe and Egbert communicate with each other by radiowaves.
As soon as Douwe starts to make coffee, Egbert will take a nap since he hates waiting. Douwe will wake him up just before the coffee is ready. Immediately wide awake by the lovely coffee scent wafting into his nose, Egbert will then attract the attention of people in his surroundings by yelling “that the coffee has to be drunk”. Every once in a while, Egbert will make remarks as long as there’s still coffee in the jug.
Since Douwe and Egbert are connected via a remote control system, Douwe may stand in the kitchen while Egbert feels most at ease in the living-room. They won’t have any problems with the distance as long as Egbert is no more than 20 meters away from Douwe.
In contrast with ordinary coffee makers (250-450 Watt) Douwe is equipped with a 1250 Watt element for fast made, optimum tasting coffee.

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