About Eibert Draisma

Eibert Draisma is a Dutch designer, inventor and artist.
In November 1991 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

In January 1992 he started his own design firm and ever since he has been developing his own products. In most cases he would develop a product and thereupon sell it to the most eligible company. Up till now he has been quite successful in doing so.

Besides this, Eibert:
• on a freelance basis, worked for more than ten years as a designer/inventor for a product development company;
• designed more than 150 DIY products for Praxis 
   (also as a freelancer, in co-operation with communication agency The Fabriek);
• has been (and still is) a tutor* at the Design Academy Eindhoven for more than eight years (*lessons 1 day/week);
• owns several patents in many countries;
• is an renowned artist.

His specialties include:
Product design, art direction, new materials and manufacturing techniques, electronics, electroluminescent materials, prototyping, workshops, brainstorming techniques, teaching and writing.

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